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We are the Alameda High School Mountain Bike Team.  We are a bunch of really motivated, fun-loving girls and boys who love mountain bike riding and racing.  Kids that attend other Alameda Schools (public and private) can join our sister team, Oakland Composite MTB Team (


We share many common training and racing events.  Middle school kids can start participating too, through the Oakland Devo team, which we help to manage and can be reached through the Oakland Composit link above.


Our team is a part of the NorCal Cycling League which oversees the more than 80 high school teams in Northern California.  The National Interscholastic Cycling Association ( NICA) oversees all activities in leagues nationwide.  Currently there are 20 leagues in 19 States with over 15,000 student athletes racing coast to coast.

Our 2018 team currently consists of 12 riders and YOU can join this year’s team  until February 15th!



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